Festival del Film Locarno 2010

Bericht von Anthony Vouardoux (YURI LENNON’S LANDING ON ALPHA 46)

3rd of august: departure to Switzerland in the early morning with Malou and miss Nova. We meet Sam in Berne, just the time to give him some pictures and take another train that will carry us in the heart of the Alps. Sam tells me there is a new train going under the Moutains since no long. I didn’t knew this hudge tunnel was existing and I suddenly realise that things have changed since I left Switzerland 3 years ago.
Quick visit to my parents in the swiss mountains to let them Malou for some days. Yes, I go to work in Locarno and unfortunately I need to be without her for a while. I gonna miss you baby, but maybe we will meet again on the Piazza Grande...

5th of august: Arrival with miss Nova in Locarno after taking this awful slow train. Accreditation done, let's go to the first cocktail. I meet Pierre K. at a party, he seems not to be angry anymore. Long night!

6th of august: show time! 2 p.m: presentation of the film in the front of 1000 people. I'm stressed, cold hands... Can't say if people like it or if the sound is too loud or too down. But! Big success, people loved the movie and they tell it to me during the Swiss Films cocktail after the screening. Wouaouh, I can breathe... Little walk and it's already the time for 2nd cocktail of the day, we meet Adrian and Laura, we finish our night in Laura's swimming pool playing poker and drinking Vodka.

7th of august: 2nd screening at 1p.m. 500 people are in the theatre, I'm more relaxed and can feel that they appreciate Yuri. Pierre K. came to see the film with his assistant even if he told me he had appointments with politicians. He congratulates me, he loved the film. I'm proud because he's not the one who loves classical movies. Will he invite me to teach one day in his school?
People continue to say « Hey, I loved your film » or « Hey, I heard it was cool, when can I see it again ». As usual, 2 cocktails a day and film parties at night. Good way to meet people, shake hands, bla bla...

8th of august: already tired. Same cocktails-party rhythm, and some films in between. Third Yuri's screening at 11p.m, 80 people are in the theatre... With miss Nova we meet Duke, a strange American guy, a kind of a mix between Groucho Marx and Andy Warhol.

9th of august: Routine in Locarno: film-drink, film-drink, shake hands. Fortunately Duke is here and explains us about the valley he lives in Ecuador. A new age community who is sure that it's the only valley in the world who will not be destroyed in case of any big environnemental problems. This guy is cool! Maybe, if there is a big environnemental problem one day, we'll should think about going there with miss Nova and Malou. Sure.

10th of august: Same. Same. Miss nova goes back in the mountain to spent time with Malou and my parents. I go early in bed...

11th of august: No cocktails, just see movies, go early in bed.

12th of august: it seems that my stay in Locarno has turned into an intellectual and cultural trip. No cocktails, I watch movies all day long. Not bad after all! I go to Lionel B.'s last movie. I didn't really liked what he did before, but this one is brilliant. In this film he speaks about a strange disease and about death... I remember when we were in the university together.
Little drinks at night with the Blueman and later with Tania, movie directrice and my ex-girlfriend. She was having drinks with some swiss filmcritics and TV-programmers, she introduce me. Nice, we exchange cards and small talks...

13th of august: 10 a.m: Alessandro M. calls and tells me I will receive the Pardino d'Argento on the Piazza Grande on the 14th. I take a shower and call miss Nova to tell her the news. As we are supposed to take a plane for Bulgaria on the 15th, we agree it will be easier if she come in Locarno with Malou next day.
As I'm not supposed to tell people that I will receive a price, I spend a funny nights lying to Tania. She's curious and wants to know what I could know about the palmares. Of course, as we already won a Pardo d'Argento together 5 years ago for « The Slug », she's curious...

14th of august: ceremony day. I got to find a tie and a white skirt. Actually, I would like something between « Reservoir Dog » and « The Horrors » a famous english rockband produced by Chris Cunningham. A black slim Cheapmonday jeans, a white skirt and a slim black tie would be perfect.
I just find a skirt and a slim black tie. You have to run fast to find any Cheapmonday's jeans around here. So, it's not perfect! Dilemma... With or without the tie? I decide not to wear the tie.
Meanwhile, miss Nova explains to Malou she will meet her father tonight on the Piazza Grande and that they have to prepare their suitcases. They call me, Malou says to me: « You go to the PIZZA Grande? ».

During the reception preceeding the ceremony, Malou and miss Nova arrives in Locarno by train.

It's raining too hard, the ceremony will not happen on the PIZZA Grande, but in the FEVI hall...

In the artist's entry, I meet Lionel B. who was member of the feature competition jury this year. He's wearing a black jeans, with a black skirt and a slim black tie. Since we were in the university, not long ago, he lost 12kg. He congratulates me for Yuri, I congratulate him for his film. What will happen next?

After 10 days, as I was not able to catch the girls before, Malou sees me for the first time on stage when I get my price! Malou cries because she wants to come with me up there, miss Nova have to leave the theatre with her. Once the ceremony is finished, I get out to kiss Malou. It's late, she's sleeping, I don't want to wake her up. She's 3 now and I realise suddenly how things have changed. Tomorrow, we'll all take a plane to Sofia...