Report by Gregor Bozic (SHOES FROM TRIESTE)

I arrived to Montpellier on the 30.10. The first impression I got on the city and the festival, was that it really represents the mediterranean space. The city of Montpellier has an amazing climate and the weather was almost summer like. Which also positively influenced the festival atmosphere which was very warm. The festival itself is the biggest gathering of filmmakers from the mediterranean space. It has a long tradition and the projections are really well followed by the local inhabitants.

I was invited in the short film competition, and I have spent 3 wonderful days debating films with the other participant filmmakers. My short was screened on the 31.10. and it was followed by a long and very engaging q&a. The French audience really likes to debate films and draws conclusions that are surprising for filmmakers, too.

All in all it was a very good cinematic experience. I saw a selection of short films of very good quality. Unfortunately we have spent so much time debating and visiting the beautiful city of Montpellier, that I did not manage to see much feature length films.

I can only recommend the CINEMED festival especially if your film is selected in competition. The festival covers most of the expenses, and the prize moneys are quite high.