Fishbowl: Short Film in Schools is Feasible - Site Assessments and Paths to the Goal

Specialized event in the context of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

© AG Kurzfilm
© AG Kurzfilm
Date: May 5, 2022 at 12:30 p.m.
Location: Festival Space, Elsässer Str. 21, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

Admission free!

Although there are many positive experiences with the screening of short films in teaching contexts, the short film as a special cinematic form remains largely unmentioned in the educational curricula of the federal states. Is this regrettable, or does it offer an opportunity for creative impulses in schools?

It is certainly regrettable that there is no systematic training in the handling of artistic short films at universities and teacher training centers. The focus of many media centers on thematic educational media can also be noted as a deplorable deficiency, because it prevents the free availability of artistically interesting short films.

However, there are many teachers who nevertheless find ways to bring short films into the classroom. They know how to deal with the expanded concept of text in modern educational curricula, which also includes short films. They use short film festivals as special places for aesthetic experiences and tie in with them in their school preparation and follow-up work. Making such experiences possible is actually the most important reason why short film and schools belong together.

Students quickly become enthusiastic about the short form and, by watching it closely and repeatedly, discover special features of cinematic work that are not part of their everyday media diet.

Together with a circle of experts from the film and school context, we will look at the existing infrastructure and discuss potentials and limitations of short film in schools. The event will take place in a fishbowl format, allowing participants to bring their personal perspectives, suggestions and questions to the conversation.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, AG Kurzfilm is planning a series of discussion formats on the topic of short film and schools nationwide. The kick-off event will take place at the 68th Oberhausen Short Film Festival, where the association was founded in 2002.

Claudia Gockel is a high school teacher for German, Philosophy/Practical Philosophy and Literature in Cologne. As a moderator for film education and the subject of literature, she is also active in further education and training for teachers. She is particularly interested in early film.

Since 2018, Samina Gul has put her professional focus on various film events - one focus is film education and project work with children and young people. After managing the KinderKinoFest Düsseldorf, she is now putting all her experience into managing the children's and youth film competition of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

Uwe Leonhardt is a film scholar and film educator. Since 2017, he has been managing director of FILM+SCHULE NRW, the agency of the Ministry for Schools and Education NRW with the mission to systematically anchor film education in subject lessons at schools in the state. In addition, Film+Schule NRW, together with Vision Kino, organizes the SchulKinoWochen NRW once a year.

Eva Schwert is a volunteer in the media education department of the LVR Center for Media and Education. She designs advanced training formats for educational professionals dealing with short and explanatory films in an educational context and works closely with the consultant for the Bildungsmediathek NRW in this context.

Reiner Gischus is a teacher at the Frida-Levy-Gesamtschule Essen and works in teacher training as a core seminar leader and subject leader for German at the Center for Practical Teacher Training (ZfsL) Essen. In addition, as a ZfsL-FilmCoach, he advises subject leaders with the goal of systematically integrating film education into teacher training.

Barbara Kamp has a teaching degree in French, education and political science. In her publishing house METHODE FILM, she publishes international short films together with accompanying pedagogical material for schools and for social work and counseling. For many years, she has been a member of the selection committee for the children's and youth film competition at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival, where she also co-founded the LOOK teacher training format. Further long-standing cooperations exist with doxs! in Duisburg and with the DFF Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum in Frankfurt/Main.