What are the tasks of the AG Kurzfilm?

What is the AG Kurzfilm?

We are called „AG Kurzfilm“.
We are a federal association.
We have many members.
We work together and have the same goals.

What does the AG Kurzfilm do?

We speak for short film all over Germany.

That means:
• We help makers of short films in Germany.
• We are a contact for politics and the film industry.
• We make short films known in Germany.
• We make short films known in other countries.

What is a short film?

"Short" refers to the length of a film.
A short film can have different lengths. It is shorter than a feature film.
A short film can also last only a few seconds.

A short film can be for example:
• A fiction film with real actors
• An animated film
• A documentary film about people who really live and things that really happen

How do we help the German short film?

We talk a lot about short films.
People who work with short films listen to us.
They can also ask us questions.

We also represent short films at film festivals in Germany and in other countries.
Film festivals are events where films are shown.
People meet at film festivals.
With them, we talk about the German short film.

How do we work with politicians and the film industry?

Politicians and the industry have to listen to us.
We help to write laws.
The laws help people who work with short films.

How do we help makers of short films?

We help makers of short films to earn more money with their work. 
We help makers of short films to make their films more widely known.

How do we help teachers and students?

We help teachers to work with short films.
We help children to learn differently and better with the help of short films.