Paradoks - Workshop

An initiative from Izmir (a.o. by local film and TV producers) organizes international workshops and invites filmmakers from different countries to Izmir.

The topic of the 2019 workshop is the environment (especialyl geothermics). Every invited filmmaker will a.o. be supported by the organizers in making one short film.

The AG Kurzfilm has the possibility to suggest one filmmaker to take part in the event.

Information on the project:

  • The project addresses independent filmmakers as well as film students, who have already directed a number of successful films.
  • All travel and accomodation expenses will be paid for by the organizers.
  • Mandatory attendance in Izmir: 1 week in mid-August and 2 weeks at the beginning of October for shooting, editing,...
  • good knowledge of English required

Extensive information can be found in the PDF below.

If you consider applying, please note:
  • application in English
  • short statement, why you want to take part
  • short biography
  • filmography with links to at least 2 own works as director (engl. ST required)
If you are interested, please send your application until 14 July 2019 to

[PDF] information on the workshop