A Wall is a Screen

AWIAS conducts so called short film tours in inner city areas. During each tour we stop at 6-7 different location to show short films with a maximum length of 12 minutes on existing walls or other surfaces which are suitable to be screened on. Every film is chosen to be able to interact with the location where it is screened. This can be by topic or plot of the film or by the look or by a certain "feeling" the film evokes which you can relate to the surrounding you are in.
The films which we screen have been selected to be films that fit "on the streets". The programmes for the tours are selected following a set theme or topic of the evening. Our main goal is to show a brilliant shortfilm programme on the one hand and to create a new way of looking at the area you are in on the other hand. This unique free-of-charge event is able to bring the audience to locations which they have never recognized before, within an area which they think they know quite well. Through our tours it is possible to transport certain themes or subjects in an unusual way, creating a perfect foundation for new ways of thinking about a certain part of a city.
To put it short, A Wall is a Screen is a very entertaining and thought provoking combination of city tour and shortfilm programme.
Each year we have more than 30 events with audience numbers being as high as 850 spectators per event (the average audience number is at about 200 per event).
A Wall is a Screen has worked together with many international festival and institutions like for example the Goethe Institut.
AWIAS exists since 2003 and has so far conducted more than 200 event all over the world, for example in Brighton, Madrid, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bucharest, Prizren, Berlin, Sheffield, Basel, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and in Austin,TX.

A Wall is a Screen existiert seit 12 Jahren und hat bisher mehr als 200 Veranstaltungen durchgeführt, zum Beispiel in Brighton, Madrid, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bukarest, Prizren, Berlin, Sheffield, Basel, Hamburg, Wiesbaden und in Austin, TX.