Hochschule Anhalt FB Design Audiovisuelle Medien

The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences' Department of Design in Dessau which was founded in 1993 faces a special challenge – and not only due to its proximity to the historically important Bauhaus. Here at this important location in design history, a young and motivated group of lecturers provide a design education that meets the requirements of both today and the future.Since it was established, the Department of Design of the Anhalt University has been able to create a visionary and trendsetting educational concept far more easily than other design universities, something which has also been fostered by its closeness to the historical Bauhaus. Known today as the "Dessauer Model", it is a paragon for other educational institutes in the midst of upheaval and change.In this integrated course of design studies, the key aspects of communication design, product design and media design are brought together and linked through a particularly broad basic interdisciplinary education. The goal is to achieve a general design education which with the bachelor's course of studies leads to cross-platform specialisation and in the master's course of studies to interdisciplinary project and media competency.