interfilm Berlin - Short Film Distribution, International Short Film Festival

interfilm Berlin holds the annual International Short Film Festival Berlin and organises the interfim short film distribution agency. Thanks to its many years of experience, its continually expanding number of contacts in the global cultural and short film industry as well as numerous co-operative projects and regular presentations, interfim has managed to supply the short film format with a broad platform.
Established in 1982 the festival has years of experience and ever-expanding contacts in the international cultural and short film sectors. interfilm has established itself as one of the most important short film festivals in Europe. interfilm is known the second oldest German short film festival (after Oberhausen), and is recognised as the second most significant and oldest international film festival in Berlin after the Berlin Film Festival.
The interfilm distribution portfolio contains ca. 300 films. Equal emphasis is given to programme blocks consisting of 90 minutes of films and of shorts to be shown before a feature.