SK Stiftung Kultur der Sparkasse KölnBonn

The SK Stiftung Kultur was founded in 1976 by Sparkasse KölnBonn on the occasion of the bank’s 150-year anniversary celebrations. The organisation today pursues its operative goals by offering an extensive programme relating to the subjects of photography, dance, the Kölsch (Cologne) dialect, cultural education and communication to the general public and industry experts. One focus lies on the promotion of literature and reading skills as well as on communication and education in the areas of film and media art.

In regard to film education we concentrate on the multi-facetted short film with the genres documentary, animation, narrative, experimental film, video art, advertising clip and music video.

The SK Stiftung Kultur regularly curates and organises genre and cross-genre short film programs on a current topic, such as the meeting of the generations, the own and the foreign or the topic of living.

We combine different genres in order to convey a broad spectrum of artistic and critical examination of each subject, to raise questions, to encourage discussion and to open the mind.