Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt

The Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt was founded on 04.07.1991 as a non-profit association. The aim of the association is to create a regional contact point for young filmmakers and thus to promote and discover young talents, giving them a first opportunity to realize their cinematic ideas and initiatives.

The Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt is an innovative platform that is also open to unconventional experiments and thus creates the basis for the development of a young and creative film culture. This is done in close cooperation with other filmmakers, associations and companies. Above all, the initiative and creativity of new talents in all areas of film production are to be promoted. The Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt has been developing, producing and distributing projects by young local filmmakers for years. Numerous festival participations and awards (including the Teddy Jury Award of the Berlinale 2001 for "Forbidden Fruit" by Sue Maluwa-Bruce and Beate Kunath and the German Short Film Award 2013 for "short film" by Olaf Held) speak for themselves.

Making films independently, creating alternatives, emancipating oneself from quota pressure and the lowest artistic denominator - that is and remains a real challenge, especially if you still want to work at a high level. Our current productions are intended to keep this development alive and to advance it, and at the same time to be a role model and encouragement for others. We invest our lifetime, our productivity and our passion in this goal.