PR 29.01.2021: Digital Edition of Short Film Catalogue GERMAN SHORT FILMS 2021 Published

In 2021, the annual short film catalogue "German Short Films" of the AG Kurzfilm -German Short Film Association will be published exclusively as a digital flip page version. Numerous films from the catalogue selection can be viewed via the online preview.

For the current short film catalogue "German Short Films 2021", the German Short Film Association has once again selected 100 current and particularly interesting films. All categories of short film were taken into account - including short fiction, animation, experimental and documentary films as well as various hybrid forms. This year's catalogue presents 53 independent and 47 university productions by a total of 51 directresses and 63 directors, which once again underlines the importance of the independent short film scene.

In 2021, the short film catalogue will be published exclusively as a digital flip page version. The films it contains are also part of the established database-based online catalogue, where these and numerous films from previous editions can be viewed after prior registration via the Online Preview.

Accompanying the catalogue, the preview compilations "German Short Films 2021 Part 1" and "German Short Films 2021 - Children & Youth Edition" present special recommendations of the catalogue jury for different target groups. However, they are not released as DVDs as usual, but can be viewed in the online preview instead. Both compilations can be accessed directly via the links above. This year, the films in the "Children & Youth Edition" received age recommendations from the Hamburg Mo&Friese Kinder Kurzfilm Festival.

The short film catalogue is an established information medium for international film institutions, festivals, multipliers and international cultural institutes, distribution and sales companies, buyers and television stations. It has been published annually since 2004 and presents a selection of 100 of the most interesting current German short films as well as an extensive service section with an index and important contact addresses for the German short film industry. The compilation presents the rich German short film production and introduces productions from the independent scene as well as works by film students.