Dani Barsch

Project Manager SHORT FILM DAY

Dani Barsch – born 1973 in Riesa. Already assembled a collection of the GDR magazine "Filmspiegel" (Film Mirror) as a teenager and decorated her room with posters ranging from Romy Schneider and Lino Ventura to Alain Delon. Following her literature and art history studies, as well as journalism and festival work, during her year of German-French film studies in Paris, she watched one film in the original language each day there and got to know more than half of the cinemas in Paris in the process. Following this glorious time, the serious side of film life began for her: From 2001 to 2008, Dani was underway right across Germany as a location scout, as well as a unit and production manager for large and major productions. Following these years rich in learning, in 2008 she founded her own production company filoufilm in Dresden, with has gone on to produce several prize-winning films.

Between 2015-17 she has been a member of the FILMFEST DRESDEN viewing and selection committee and watched more than 1500 short film during this time. Since December 2017 she is project coordinator for the Kurzfilmtag (Short Film Day) at the AG Kurzfilm.