Turn Baby Turn

film type fiction Production Country Germany production year 2010 runtime 2'00 colour
screening format Super 8 aspect ratio 1.37:1 sound format Mono languages Deutsch Subtitles Englisch
screening format MiniDV aspect ratio 1.37:1 sound format Mono languages Deutsch Subtitles Englisch

Sometimes it makes sense to take a new position in your own four walls and watch the world from down there. Or even wear a dirndl and go dancing in rapeseed fields. Unusual combinations increase connection of the synapses and joy for well-tended craziness.

director Dagie Brundert Besetzung / Cast Dagie Brundert Original-Filmmusik / Original Score Dagie Brundert Schnitt / Editing Dagie Brundert Bildgestaltung / DOP Dagie Brundert Produktion / Production Dagie Brundert Drehbuch / Script Dagie Brundert Tongestaltung / Sound Design Dagie Brundert
Filmfest Osnabrück - Festival des Unabhängigen Films, Germany
  • Dagie Brundert
  • Boeckhstr. 39
  • 10967 Berlin
  • http://www.dagiebrundert.de

Dagie Brundert

I studied visual arts / experimental film in Berlin. Fell in love with my super 8 camera (Nizo) in 1988. 
Since then I try to be a particle-finder, a wave-catcher and a good story-teller. I try to absorb weird beautiful things from this world. Chew them and spit them out again.

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