Summer Sunday

film type fiction Production Country Germany production year 2008 runtime 10'00
screening format 35mm aspect ratio 2:35:1 (CinemaScope) sound format Dolby Digital languages Deutsch Subtitles Englisch, Französisch

SUMMER SUNDAY is the dramatic story of Bruno Hansen, a bridge guard of a huge lift bridge in Hamburg. As his 7-year-old deaf son climbs down into the restricted area of the lifting equipment while a train is approaching, he has only seconds to decide whether to sacrifice his son or to let the train with 300 passengers on board derail and crash into the river.

director Fred Breinersdorfer, Sigi Kamml Besetzung / Cast Axel Prahl, Janos Giuranna, Stephan A. Tölle Original-Filmmusik / Original Score Gert Wilden Schnitt / Editing Tanja Petry Bildgestaltung / DOP Anton Klima Drehbuch / Script Fred Breinersdorfer, Sigi Kamml
Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
LA Shorts International Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA
Flanders International Film Festival, Ghent, Belgium
Seagate Foyle Film Festival, Derry, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig, Germany
Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney, Germany (Ostfriesischer Kurzfilmpreis)
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Fred Breinersdorfer

In 1980 his first crime novel Abel was published at Rowohlt;
many novels, short stories and dramatic stories followed;
in the meantime, he has written numerous TV movies, several Tatort movies and all of the Abel episodes

Sigi Kamml

Works as a producer, director and author for TV entertainment shows, live shows and commercial productions;
since 2007 he works for i.e. Teamworx, MME, Producers at Work and Filmline