film type experimental film Production Country Germany production year 2007 runtime 5'00
screening format Beta SP aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9) sound format Stereo

From a mere technical point of view the TV/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. For Energy! an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of approx. 30,000 volts exposed photographic paper which was then arranged in time to create new visual systems of electron organization. Even though the result is abstract it tells a universal story older than the world itself.

director Thorsten Fleisch Animation Thorsten Fleisch Schnitt / Editing Thorsten Fleisch Bildgestaltung / DOP Thorsten Fleisch Drehbuch / Script Thorsten Fleisch Original-Filmmusik / Original Score Jens Thiele
L'Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival, Spain
New York Film Festival, New York City, USA
Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands
Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada
Fantoche - International Animation Film Festival, Baden, Switzerland (Best Visual)
  • Thorsten Fleisch
  • Seestr. 107
  • 13353 Berlin
  • +49 30 45023072
  • Thorsten Fleisch
  • Seestr. 107
  • 13353 Berlin
  • +49 30 45023072
  • Thorsten Fleisch
  • Seestr. 107
  • 13353 Berlin
  • +49 30 45023072

Thorsten Fleisch

Born 1972 in Koblenz;
first film experiments with his dad’s Super 8 camera when still in school;
studied experimental film with Peter Kubelka at the Städelschule in Frankfurt/ Main;
lives and works in Berlin

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