Mit Pferden kann man nicht ins Kino gehen
You cant take horses into the cinema

film type documentary film Production Country Germany production year 2007 runtime 10'00
screening format 35mm aspect ratio 1.66:1 sound format Dolby SR languages Deutsch Subtitles Englisch

Whats your dream profession, whats important in life, do you want to have children, what are you afraid of? - I ask young people aged 12-21 questions that people keep questioning themselves still when they are grown-up.

director Anna Wahle Schnitt / Editing Jan von Rimscha Bildgestaltung / DOP Andreas K?hler Drehbuch / Script Anna Wahle
  • Anna Wahle
  • Genter Str. 12
  • 50672 Köln
  • +49 1577 1424023

Anna Wahle

Born 1981 in Cologne;
since 2000 first short films as writer, director, producer;
2002-2005 studied film directing at the International Film School ifs Cologne;
since 2006 master?s degree documentary film course at the Zurich University of the Arts/University of Art and Design Lausanne

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