13 Stufen - Tagebuch einer modernen Beziehung
13 Stages - Diary of a Modern Relationship

annual catalogue - 2007
film type fiction Production Country Germany production year 2005 runtime 27'00
screening format MiniDV aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9) sound format Stereo languages Deutsch subtitles Englisch, Französisch

The different stages of a relationship... Who isnt familiar with them? The first kiss which makes you forget each and everything around you, the first fight which makes you question everything. Being in love, moving in together, being there for each other no matter what, the daily routine and then the thing nobody expects at every new beginning the break-up... Love is something thats alive and every thing thats alive has a beginning and an end. Inevitable.

director Daniel Böhme Besetzung / Cast Kirstin Warnke, Roman Roth Schnitt / Editing Daniel Böhme Bildgestaltung / DOP Jana Marsik
interfilm Berlin: Internationales Kurzfilmfestival, Deutschland
La.Meko Filmfestival Landau, Deutschland
Internationales Filmfestival Passau, Deutschland
  • Daniel Böhme
  • Cotheniusstr. 6
  • 10407 Berlin
  • +49 30 42086622
  • Daniel Böhme
  • Cotheniusstr. 6
  • 10407 Berlin
  • +49 30 42086622

Daniel Böhme

Set up his first band at 15;
was the leading choreographer of a dance company at 16;
worked as a web designer and editor before he realised his first film as a director in 2002

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2006 attract me (music clip) be quiet or die (music clip)