Golden Boy

film type fiction Production Country Germany production year 2005 runtime 38'00 colour
screening format 35mm aspect ratio 1.66:1 sound format Dolby SR languages Deutsch Subtitles Englisch

Oliver returns to his home village in eastern Germany, intending to sell his deceased mothers rundown villa. Doing so, he is confronted by memories and emotions he had not reckoned with - and he has to clear out more than just the house.

director Stephan Schiffers Besetzung / Cast Andrea Lüdke, Antje Traue, Max von Pufendorf, Ronald Zehrfeld Original-Filmmusik / Original Score Heinrich Schiffers Schnitt / Editing Anna Kappelmann Bildgestaltung / DOP Saschko Frey Drehbuch / Script Karin Kaci, Stephan Schiffers Tongestaltung / Sound Design Ben Wolf, Emil Klotzsch film school ifs internationale filmschule köln
  • Janna Velber
  • Werderstr. 1
  • 50672 Köln
  • +49 221 9201880
  • ifs internationale filmschule köln
  • Monika Bremen
  • +49 221 920188202

Stephan Schiffers

born in 1975, has worked as an editor, producer and assistant director before he studied directing. Since 1994 he has directed many shortfilms.

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2004 Am Kanal
2005 Goldjunge