Berlin, den 19. Mai 2003 - Videobrief von Rigoletti
Berlin, May 19th 2003 - video letter from Rigoletti

film type documentary film Production Country Germany production year 2003 runtime 8'00 colour
screening format MiniDV aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3) sound format Mono languages Deutsch

Rigoletti sends a reply to her friend Zeller. Rigoletti has discovered herself. Shes a pop star but does not have enough fans yet. So shes working hard on her breakthrough. Among other things she writes novels and screenplays, produces music videos and is an actress too. And if theres still time left she works a bit on video art.

director Marion Pfaus Besetzung / Cast Marion Pfaus Schnitt / Editing Marion Pfaus Bildgestaltung / DOP Marion Pfaus, Martin Wieser Drehbuch / Script Marion Pfaus
  • Marion Pfaus
  • Marion Pfaus

Marion Pfaus

born in Bretten in 1966;
lives in Berlin since 2000;
works as an author and filmmaker;
operates various websites and has her own live show

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