film type fiction Production Country Germany production year 2004 runtime 7'00
screening format 35mm aspect ratio 1.37:1 sound format Dolby A languages Deutsch

In the haphazard encounter of a man with a young dog, Krak, or The Order of Things, conjures up the gap which opens when a man, tempted to face his wishes and desires, fears to question his lifes habits.

director Thomas G. Mank Besetzung / Cast Karli (the dog), Olli Dittrich Schnitt / Editing Karl Riedl Bildgestaltung / DOP Peter D?rfler Drehbuch / Script Alban Rehnitz, Thomas G. Mank
  • Essential Filmproduktion GmbH
  • Susanne Marian
  • Mommsenstr. 27
  • 10629 Berlin
  • +49 30 777879
  • The Coproduction Office
  • Philippe Bober
  • 4, rue Lamartine
  • 75009 Paris

Thomas G. Mank

Thomas G. Mank: Born in Arolsen, lives as writer and filmmaker in Berlin

1986 Hochhaus,
1988 TRIPTYCHON. Studie für Selbstbild,
1998 Signalstörung,
1999 Externsteine 64