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film type animation Production Country Germany, Poland production year 2016 runtime 2' 30" animation technique clay
screening format HDCAM ratio 1.85:1 colour colour sound Mono screening format languages no dialogue

A man and a woman obviously do not have any words for each other anymore and become palpable. He throws her favorite crockery out of the window, she shatters his hunting trophies. Furniture, clothes, walls - nothing is safe from them. But can those who argue so passionately, can simply separate?


director Izabela Plucinska screenwriter Izabela Pluci?ska Director of Photography Izabela Pluci?ska composer Andrea Martignoni animation Izabela Pluci?ska
festivals Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm (2016)
  • Izabela Plucinska
  • ClayTraces Gbr.
  • www.claytraces.com
  • Marta Swiatek
  • Krakau Film Foundation
  • ul. Basztowa 15/8a
  • 31-143 Kraków
  • Poland
  • +48.(0)12.2946945
  • www.kff.com.pl

Izabela Plucinska

Born 1974 in Koszalin, Poland;
studied at Lódz Art School and Film School until 2000 and took up studies at the Film and Television University “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam;
graduated in 2004;
in her production company ClayTraces she works together with a small team of animators

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