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Moving Camera

film type experimental fiction Production Country Germany production year 2008 runtime 5'
screening format DigiBeta ratio 1.78:1 (16:9) colour colour sound Stereo screening format languages German dialogue screening format subtitles English subtitles

A director comments in retrospect on one of his early cinematic masterpieces: A man with a hangover wakes up next to a beer bottle, but suddenly he gets chased through the woods by something. Who or what is it?

Rainer Nigrelli

Born 1982 in Karlsruhe;
theatre, film and television studies at the University of Cologne;
works as a director and editor

2005 Puppenspiel
2007 Gli Strumenti Non Discutono, Manager und Clown

Christian Bigalk

Born 1969;
works as a director and editor

2003 Menyx - Yippie Ya Yeah
2004 Operation Iron Storm