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Future Archeology

film type documentary Production Country Germany production year 2010 runtime 20' animation technique 3D computer animation
screening format DCP ratio 1.78:1 (16:9) colour colour sound Stereo screening format languages English dialogue

Whatever the end to the conflict over Palestine is, the possibility of an evacuation of the Israeli settlements and military bases has to be taken into consideration. The moment they are liberated from the power that dominates them, these areas become a laboratory in which we could imagine a new use for the architecture of occupation.

director Armin Linke, Francesco Mattuzzi producer Armin Linke screenwriter Armin Linke, Francesco Mattuzzi editor Armin Linke, Francesco Mattuzzi Director of Photography Armin Linke, Francesco Mattuzzi composer Renato Rinaldi animation Francesco Siddi
festivals Que faire? Art/ film/ politique, Centre Pompidou et ailleurs, Paris; Mostra Internazionale d

Armin Linke

Born 1966 in Milan, Italy;
lives in Berlin;
an artist working with photography, combining different media to blur the border between fiction and reality

2003 Gaza City
2005 Alps
2005 Asini Albini
2007 Nuclear Voyage
2008 Flocking
2009 Desertmed

Francesco Mattuzzi

Born 1979 in Rovereto, Italy;
an artist who uses photography and video as a means of research and presentation of contemporary social reality

2007 Startrucks
2009 E-Roads