Lieber Papa, deine Tochter.
Dear Dad

film type documentary film Production Country Germany production year 2021 runtime 16'57 colour
screening format Media File (ProRes, mp4, mov) aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9) sound format Stereo languages Deutsch

The term "identity politics" is developing more and more into a battle cry. Leftist movements are missing the reality of life and shifting their focus from the fight for actual social justice. In the end, people are uncertain about what is "PC" at the moment, as the old white man says. This desktop documentary is based on emails and phone calls, Instagram posts and newspaper articles, as well as the relationship between a father and his daughter trying to find a way to speak to each other.

director Karoline Rößler Produktion / Production Karoline Rößler Drehbuch / Script Karoline Rößler Schnitt / Editing Karoline Rößler Tongestaltung / Sound Design Karoline Rößler Animation Karoline Rößler Bildgestaltung / DOP Karoline Rößler film school Universität Hildesheim
2021 Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest, Germany
  • Karoline Rößler
  • +49 176 47721165
  • Karoline Rößler
  • +49 176 47721165
  • Karoline Rößler
  • +49 176 47721165

Karoline Rößler

Karoline Rößler has taken cultural studies in Hildesheim since 2018. As part of the 2021 project semester, she made her first documentary short DEAR DAD. Besides her studies, Rößler is involved in theatre and film projects with the "Szene9" collective from Worms.