Es war einmal
Once Upon a Time

film type documentary film Production Country Germany production year 2021 runtime 9'25 colour
screening format Media File (ProRes, mp4, mov) aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9) sound format Dolby A

In ONCE UPON A TIME, the camera observes the events on 1 May 2014 in an East Berlin park. The installation set up by the artist The Wa contributes to the amusement and amazement of passers-by and suddenly everything takes on a life of its own, without instructions or questions. Within a few hours, it is all over and only a small pile of shards indicates what has been there.

director The Wa Bildgestaltung / DOP Mischa Leinkauf Schnitt / Editing Anna Siobhán Fiedler Produktion / Production The Wa Drehbuch / Script The Wa
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The Wa

The Wa lives and works in Berlin.

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