new film type animated film, experimental film Production Country Germany, Austria production year 2023 runtime 7'00 colour animation technique stop motion, pixilation
screening format DCP aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9) sound format Dolby Surround

In SUBOTOPIC, the viewer's gaze dives below the water's surface downwards into ever-deeper layers of the underwater world. In morphed single-frame switching, bizarre pictorial plants and insect creatures are passed by, until one penetrates a surface of light again. Diving deeper and deeper, existing parallel worlds become visible underwater and new utopias are created. An immersion into a mystical underwater world where reality and utopia meet.

Official Trailer:

director Nikki Schuster Produktion / Production Nikki Schuster Schnitt / Editing Nikki Schuster Tongestaltung / Sound Design Nikki Schuster Animation Nikki Schuster Drehbuch / Script Nikki Schuster Bildgestaltung / DOP Nikki Schuster
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2024 Anifilm - International Festival of Animated Films, Liberec, Czech Republic
2024 Crossing Europe Filmfestival, Linz, Austria
2024 Fest Anča International Animation Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • sixpackfilm
  • Neubaugasse 45/13
  • 1070 Wien
  • Österreich
  • +43 1 52609900
  • Fiesfilm
  • Fiesfilm
  • Nikki Schuster

Nikki Schuster

Lives and works as an animation film and sound artist in Berlin;
in 2001 she founded her animation label FIESFILM;
her films have been successfully presented at international film festivals and exhibitions and won awards;
beside her film productions, she is a motion-design artist and gives animation film workshops.

2000 Bedient
2001 Friday Bar
2002 Knochenballett
2005 Boom Boom Boogie
2005 Drowning
2005 Geisterstunde
2006 Holyman
2007 Robotant
2010 Microphobia
2011 Paris Recyclers
2011 Buenos Aires Recyclers
2012 Berlin Recyclers
2013 Parasit
2014 Taipei Recyclers
2015 MS Stubnitz
2015 absent
2016 Mexico Recyclers
2017 Urbanoculi
2018 animistica
2023 subotopic