European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück

The European Media Art Festival is quoted as one of the most important international forums for Media-Arts. As important meeting place for artists, curators, distributors and the audience EMAF affected the themes, esthetics and changes in Media Arts in the past. From about 2500 entries the program is selected and gives a brad overview with experimental films, performances, lectures, the exhibition and the Media Campus on the current tendencies in media arts.
The EMAF Award is assigned for a trendsetting work in media arts; the “Dialogpreis” of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a work promoting the intercultural exchange and the “EMAF Medienkunstpreis” is awarded by the association of German Film-critics.
The European Media Art Festival – also functions as a distributor of experimental and media art works. After the festival the Experimental Film Workshop as legal body of EMAF compiles a Tour-package of films and videos the festival program which can be booked and presented in non-commercial cinemas, galleries, museums and other national and international cultural locations.