From Source to Poem

film type experimental film Production Country Germany production year 2016 runtime 12'00 colour
screening format 35mm aspect ratio 1.85:1 sound format Stereo languages Englisch Subtitles Englisch

FROM SOURCE TO POEM depicts the genesis and future of the western world from the perspective of the Library of Congress’ immense audiovisual archive. Analogous to white noise, the film posits that, over time, all unique voices will increasingly overlap, drowning each other out.

director Rosa Barba Schnitt / Editing Hendrik John, Rosa Barba Bildgestaltung / DOP Rosa Barba Produktion / Production Rosa Barba Drehbuch / Script Rosa Barba Tongestaltung / Sound Design Jan St. Werner
2017 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands
2017 Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, Portugal (Experimental Film Award)
2017 Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
2017 CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Denmark
2017 Santiago de Compostela International Short Film Festival, Spain
  • Studio Rosa Barba
  • Rosa Barba
  • Studio Rosa Barba
  • Rosa Barba
  • Studio Rosa Barba
  • Rosa Barba

Rosa Barba

Is an artist with a particular interest in film and the way in which it articulates space. Questions of composition, physicality and plasticity play an important role in the perception of her work. She interrogates the industry of cinema with respect to various forms of staging, reshaping and representing them anew.

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