First issue of SHORT report

Cover of SHORT report 2007. The three main topics of the issue on a collage of film images.
© AG Kurzfilm
In November 2007, the first issue of the short film magazine SHORT report is published. The magazine contains in-depth analyses of current film policy issues and the development of German short film. A total of six issues are published until 2014. Since then, everything worth knowing about the German short film scene has been published in the online magazine

All issues of SHORT report can be downloaded here.

Filmkunstmesse (film art fair) Leipzig

Since 2007, AG Kurzfilm has been present at the Filmkunstmesse and, through various activities such as workshops and film presentations, has been working to ensure that short films are once again represented more frequently in cinema programs. A special highlight every year is the supporting film test "Kurz vor Film" (Short before Film) in cooperation with interfilm Berlin and the Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg, where a selection of short films suitable for supporting film screenings is presented to interested cinema operators.

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1. Long Night of German Shorts (Molodist)

Advertisement with the program announcement with film images in Ukrainian and English.
© AG Kurzfilm
The MOLODIST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Kiev is hosting the "Long Night of German Short Films" for the first time, showing up to 30 current German short films of all genres. The program was put together for the festival by AG Kurzfilm in cooperation with German Films and the program organizers in Kiev. This was the start of a long-standing cooperation between the two institutions.

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The first Short Film Lounge in Cannes

Photo of the Palais du Festival in Cannes in 2006 with the festival motif of the year.
© AG Kurzfilm
As early as 2004, we put out feelers to Cannes and looked for ways to offer German short film a platform there. In 2006, with the support of the BMW Group, we were able to implement a Short Film Lounge for the first time, which has since established itself as a meeting place for the short film scene.

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The Short Film Study is published

Presentation of the study at the Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2006: four people sitting on a podium.
© AG Kurzfilm
In May 2006 - four years after its founding - AG Kurzfilm presented a study in Oberhausen on the situation of German short film, which put its (framework) conditions at the time to the test.

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AG Kurzfilm cooperates with Short Film – Live Music

Three musicians with guitar, drums and saxophone respectively on a stage in front of a cinema screen.
© Benjamin Schindler
On the initiative of the Kino im Kasten Dresden, there was a call at the Dresden Academy of Music for musicians to provide new music for short films. At the first event in February 2006, a total of twelve short films were shown, which received new music live. The collective shortfilmlivemusic emerged from this event, with which a total of seven projects were created in cooperation with the AG Kurzfilm until 2011.

The first festival calendar is published

picture of the festival calendar 2005
© AG Kurzfilm
In December 2005, the AG Kurzfilm's printed festival calendar was issued for the first time, and has been published annually ever since. In addition to the dates of the member festivals, the dates and deadlines of important international short film festivals or festivals with short film sections also appeared on the calendar, which is designed as a large-format wall calendar in paper form.

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Relaunch of the short film portal

old lettering of the website in olive green
© AG Kurzfilm had already existed since 2001 as an independent short film magazine whose Internet presence was launched by the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.
In 2004, AG Kurzfilm and the Short Film Festival entered into a partnership and acted as joint senders of the portal. The goal was to expand's offerings. The relaunch took place on October 7, 2004. For the relaunch, a new joint start page was created, as well as the new section "KurzfilmSzene Deutschland".
In addition to the international short film magazine, the portal now offered extensive information and services on the short film scene in Germany. This included current news on short film as well as an extensive service section offering dates and deadlines, addresses and information on film schools, festivals and institutions. Thematic articles, portraits of filmmakers and reports on all aspects of short film rounded out the offerings.

The AG participates in the German Film Weeks

From 2004 to 2014, AG Kurzfilm curated short film programs and short films as supporting films, which were shown as part of the German Film Weeks (Festivals of German Films) organized by German Films worldwide. At the Festival del Cinema Tedesco in Rome (April 2-6, 2004), several short films were presented as supporting films in this context. Since 2015, the coordination has been taken over by German Films itself.

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First Short Film Catalog published

Cover of the first short film catalog, film images arranged in a circle on an orange background.
© AG Kurzfilm
From 2004 to 2021, AG Kurzfilm annually published the Short Film Catalog, which presented 100 outstanding German short films each year, making it a valuable information medium for international film and cultural institutions, festivals, distribution and sales companies and others. Since 2022, the catalog selection has been updated three times a year and exclusively online.

All published short film catalogs can be downloaded here.

The first booth at the EFM of the Berlinale

In 2003, AG Kurzfilm was part of the German Boulevard at the European Film Market of the Berlinale for the first time, where it received a great deal of interest. A total of 60 current short film productions could be viewed on VHS tapes by industry representatives at the AG Kurzfilm booth. Filmmakers informed themselves about presentation and funding opportunities for their projects.

The first time at Clermont-Ferrand

© AG Kurzfilm
© AG Kurzfilm
By participating in the film market of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2003, AG Kurzfilm had its first opportunity to introduce itself to an international audience of professionals.

The main focus was to present an overview of German short film production, to arrange contacts and to offer a comprehensive advisory service. A selection of German short film productions from the last two years was compiled, which could be viewed on VHS viewing tapes on site.

More about our current activities can be found here.

The AG Kurzfilm is founded

© Inez Koestel
© Inez Koestel
During the 48th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, the AG Kurzfilm was founded to improve the public perception of short film and to act as a contact point for filmmakers, film policy and the industry. The "strengthened position of German short films and their authors, directors and producers abroad" was "a very urgent goal", according to the press release at the time.

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