Monkey Domino

film type animated film Production Country Germany production year 2021 runtime 4'07 colour animation technique 2D analog animation
screening format DCP aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9) sound format Dolby Digital

An ape is reminiscing about its life in the jungle. At the zoo it meets a manager and his daughter, who is a great fan of animals. The manager is barely able to do his work on his mobile phone and laptop, while the orangutan and the girl both have a lot of fun together. A chain of chance events changes its caged life forever.

Official Trailer:

director Ulf Grenzer Produktion / Production Ulf Grenzer Drehbuch / Script Ulf Grenzer Szenenbild / Production Design Ulf Grenzer Animation Ulf Grenzer, Franziska Poike, Maxi Alker, Beatrice Matis Bildgestaltung / DOP Ulf Grenzer, Lena Dickmann, Jana Richtmeyer Schnitt / Editing Ulf Grenzer, Lena Dickmann Original-Filmmusik / Original Score Ephraim Peise Tongestaltung / Sound Design Anna Magdalino, Kevin Jahnel
2021 Chicago International Children's Film Festival, USA (official selection)
2021 Giffoni Film Festival, Italy (official selection)
2021 DOK Leipzig - Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm, Germany (official selection)
2021 Fantoche - International Animation Film Festival, Baden, Switzerland (official selection)
2021 ANIMA Córdoba International Animation Festival, Argentina (official selection)
2021 Cinekid Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands (filmmarket)
2021 CINANIMA Espinho International Animated Film Festival, Portugal (official selection)
2021 ShorTS International Film Festival, Triest, Italy
2021 Ojo de Pescado International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Valparaíso, Chile
2021 Cinemagic - International Film and Television Festival for Young People, Belfast, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2021 ANIM'EST International Animation Festival, Bucharest, Romania
2021 Festival du film d'animation pour la jeunesse, Bourg-en-Bresse, France
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  • Ulf Grenzer
  • Ulf Grenzer

Ulf Grenzer

Ulf Grenzer, born 1967 in Dresden, studied animation at the Film and Television Academy Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. He has worked as an animator, supervisor and director on various animation film productions in Berlin, London, Tallinn, Hamburg, Halle and Dresden. He also teaches animation and illustrates children's books.

2013-2021 Löwenzahn (TV series, 8 episodes)
2015 haarig
2017 Girasol