new film type fiction Production Country Germany production year 2023 runtime 7'28 colour
screening format DCP aspect ratio 2.35:1 (CinemaScope) sound format Dolby Digital

Jesse Bronske, an unsuccessful bar owner, is afraid that his mean twin brother Aaron, from whom he escaped a long time ago, has found him again and is about to take over his life step by step.

director Josef Brandl Produktion / Production Rike Steyer Drehbuch / Script Josef Brandl Schnitt / Editing Robert Strauß Bildgestaltung / DOP Fabio Stoll Besetzung / Cast Oliver Korittke, Susanne Bredehoeft, Milton Welsh, Hans-Jürgen Alf
2023 BuSho International Short Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary
2023 San Francisco International Festival of Short Films, USA
2023 NYC Shorts - New York City Short Film Festival, USA
2023 Internationale Hofer Filmtage, Germany
2023 Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany
2023 Biberacher Filmfestspiele, Germany
2023 Kinofest Lünen, Germany
2023 Nòt Film Fest, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy
2023 Yerevan International Short Film Festival, Jerewan, Armenia (Special Award for Best Artistic Solution)
2024 Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, Germany
  • Skalar Film GmbH
  • Rike Steyer
  • Skalar Film GmbH
  • Rike Steyer
  • Skalar Film GmbH
  • Rike Steyer

Josef Brandl

Josef Brandl is a director, production designer, and art director. Over the last two years he worked on German productions in Romania, Hungary, Spain, Lithuania, and Italy. He is currently working for a major international production in Babelsberg Studios and preparing his feature film debut.

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