Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) - Federal Film Funding Body

Among other things, the FFA is in charge of implementing actions to support the German film and to improve the structure of the German film industry, to support the general economic interests of the film industry in Germany, to improve the foundations for the distribution and the market-driven exploitation of the German film on a national level and its economic and cultural broadcasting on an international level as well as to work towards a consultation and coordination of the film funding bodies of the Federal Government and the federal states.

Seat on the administrative council of the FFA (Jana Cernik, deputy: Alexandra Gramatke)

The administrative council decides upon all fundamental questions and passes the budget of the FFA (§ 6 FFG). The members of the administrative council are not bound to assignments and instructions. There are 33 members, 3 are appointed by the Bundestag, 2 by the Bundesrat, 2 by the federal government, 21 by the associations of film professionals and the exploiting parties, 2 by the public-service broadcasters, 2 by the private broadcaster and one each by the Catholic and by the Protestant Church.

Member in the Committee for international cooperation and European film issues of the FFA (Jana Cernik, deputy: Alexandra Gramatke)

Member in the Committee for issues of innovation and structure (AIS) (Jana Cernik, deputy: Alexandra Gramatke)

Executive Committee of the FFA (Jana Cernik)