Compilations: German Short Films Pt. 1 & 2

From 2006 to 2020, the short film catalog "German Short Films" was additionally published with a viewing DVD. The film selection was made by the jury, which also oversees the selection for the short film catalog. The viewing compilation presented a selection of the films represented in the catalog and was intended exclusively for a professional audience, such as festival curators and buyers.

Another viewing DVD, produced on the occasion of the Festival de Cannes, was also released in 2006. The films on this DVD could also be viewed in the Short Film Corner. The DVD was distributed to festivals and curators during the festival or market and beyond. In 2020, the Cannes Edition was named "German Short Films Part 2", as it was an update of the viewing DVD published with the short film catalog.

Since 2022, however, the compilation is no longer published as a DVD, but is part of the online catalog, which is updated three times a year.

The teaser of the 2021 compilation offers a glimpse of the film selection. Many thanks for this to Neozoon!

The booklets of the previously published compilations can be downloaded here:

German Short Films Pt. 2 2021 Katalog-Compilation 2021 German Short Films Pt. 2 2020 Katalog-DVD 2020 Cannes-DVD 2019 Katalog-DVD 2019 Cannes-DVD 2018 Katalog-DVD 2018 Cannes-DVD 2017 Katalog-DVD 2017 Cannes-DVD 2016 Katalog-DVD 2016 Cannes-DVD 2015 Katalog-DVD 2015 Cannes-DVD 2014 Katalog-DVD 2014 Cannes-DVD 2013 Katalog-DVD 2013 Cannes-DVD 2012 Katalog-DVD 2012 Cannes-DVD 2011 Katalog-DVD 2011 Cannes-DVD Katalog-DVD 2010 Cannes-DVD 2009 Katalog-DVD 2009 Cannes-DVD 2008 Katalog-DVD 2008 Cannes-DVD 2007 Katalog-DVD 2007 Cannes-DVD 2006 Katalog-DVD 2006