Karsten Matern

As a classic career changer in the film industry, Karsten Matern was initially involved in live-action films and TV productions of various sizes, for which he worked in various positions in the production department. His first contact with animated film was as production manager of the 25-minute German-Polish co-production ESTERHAZY by Izabela Plucinska from 2007-2009. He now devotes himself exclusively to animated film production. His first collaboration with Nikita Diakur took place in 2017 as part of the UGLY project. His first own production was the animated short film HAVE A NICE DOG! by Syrian director Jalal Maghout. His animated short film A GOAT'S SPELL was co-produced with Gerhard Funk. From August 2017 to March 2020, Karsten Matern worked in Dresden for the first time as production manager of Balance Film on two feature-length animated films; the children's film FRITZI - EINE WENDEWUNDERGESCHICHTE by Matthias Bruhn and Ralf Kukula, and the drama LA TRAVERSÉE by French director Florence Miailhe. Together with 6 directors he founded a production company for animation in 2023. He is currently involved in the creation of over a dozen animated short films as a producer or production manager.
He is a board member of AG Animationsfilm and lives in Berlin Kreuzberg. He is particularly interested in film funding policy, not least the improvement of funding conditions for short film producers.