Festival du Court-Métrage Clermont-Ferrand

The AG Kurzfilm - German Short Film Associationa will traditionally be represented at the film market of the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand (29.01.-06.02.2021), which will take place from 01.-05.02.2021, and will present a total of three market programmes there.

>> An overview of the 16 German short films that will be shown in the various competitions and sections of the festival can be found in our press release.

The market programmes can be viewed at the film market in Clermont-Ferrand with a shortfilmwire+ accreditation. If you do not have one, you can also view the films via our online preview for industry representatives.

>> Matinée Allemande - Coup de foudre - Le court métrage allemand"
This programme introduces the diverse German short film scene and presents outstanding independent productions as well as student works from the recent short film catalogue. Numerous additional films (also from previous catalogue editions) can be viewed via the online preview.

Online Preview

>> the market premiere of the "Soirée Allemande/SHORT EXPORT" programme
In its 16th edition, six films illustrating the diversity of German short film making were selected for this year's 85-minute programme. The continuous Franco-German cooperation between AG Kurzfilm, German Films, Goethe-Institut Lyon, Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg and Clermont-Ferrand ISFF resulted in an outstanding short film programme that can be booked by Goethe-Institute and their partners.

Online Preview

Contact for booking: Lisa Hering

>> the international premiere of the "Emerging Artists Vol. 5" programme

With "Emerging Artists - Contemporary Experimental Films and Video Art From Germany", AG Kurzfilm and German Films have been presenting a programme of short, experimental works by young emerging artists every two years since 2013. The current edition with a total of eight short artistic works will be presented to the industry audience in Clermont-Ferrand.

Curators can order a preview DVD or preview link of the programme free of charge from the office of the German Short Film Association. There are various formats available for the screening at festivals, galleries and other cultural institutions - DCP, BluRay, MP4-files.

Online Preview

Contact for booking: Anne Turek

Furthermore, the AG Kurzfilm presents once again its new short film catalogue "German Short Films 2021" - this year exclusively as a digital flip page edition - and the current preview compilations "German Short Films 2021 Part 1" and "German Short Films 2021 - Children and Youth Edition". For the first time, these compilations are not published as DVDs, but can be viewed via our Online Preview.

Click on the icons to access the short film catalogue as well as detailed information on the market programmes and the viewing compilations. In the PDFs, the individual films are linked directly to the online preview:
Booklet Soirée Allemande | Short Export Flyer Matinée Allemande Booklet Emerging Artists Vol. 5 Compilation German Short Films 2021 Part 1 Compilation German Short Films 2021 - Children & Youth Edition