PR 27.01.2020: Soirée Allemande celebrates 15th edition at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival

Traditionally, the premiere of the Franco-German cooperation programme Soirée Allemande will take place within the framework of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (31.01.-08.02.2020), in 2020 already for the 15th time. The festival is one of the most important platforms for German short film abroad, as its strong presence there in recent years has proven time and again. Once again in 2020, eight German films were selected from a total of 9,000 submissions for the festival's competitions and nine others for the special programmes. In cooperation with German Films, AG Kurzfilm also offers comprehensive information on the German short film scene at the festival's film market.

The premiere of the Franco-German cooperation programme "Soirée Allemande - Coup de coeur - Le court métrage allemand" on 3 February 2020 is eagerly awaited, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. From the nearly 600 German submissions to the festival, six wonderful films in various categories were once again selected for the current edition: ASCONA by Julius Dommer, UZI by Dina Velikovskaya, DER PROBAND by Hannes Schiling, FACELIFT by Jan Riesenbeck and Dennis Stein-Schomburg, DIE TINTE TROCKNET NICHT by Felix Herrmann and HOT DOG by Alma Buddecke and Marleen Valien.
The premiere of the programme will be attended by the filmmakers Julius Dommer, Hannes Schilling, Dina Velikovskaya and Florian Grolig, Felix Herrmann, Marleen Valien, Alma Buddecke, Felix Schreiber and Stella Markert.
The short film programme is a collaboration between AG Kurzfilm, German Films, the International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand, the Goethe-Institut Lyon and the Short Film Agency Hamburg. Subsequently, the programme, entitled SHORT EXPORT with German, French and English subtitles, will go on a worldwide tour of Goethe-Institutes and their partners.

In the International Competition TRADITION by Loseb Soso Bliadze, OSLO by Shadi Srour, HOT DOG by Alma Buddecke and Marleen Valien, NACHT UEBER KEPLER 452B by Ben Voit as well as DIE TINTE TROCKNET NICHT by Felix Herrmann will compete with numerous international productions for the prizes totalling 4.000€. The Lab competition for experimental films will feature FREEZE FRAME by Soetkin Verstegen, BLUE BOY by Manuel Abramovich and MUSTERERKENNTNIS by Thorsten Fleisch.

Another eleven German short film productions will be screened in the festival's special programmes: the festival has selected SERIAL PARALLELS by Max Hattler, THE EXTERNAL WORLD by David O'Reilly, PORTRAIT OF SUZANNE by Izabela Plucinska and BAD LESBIAN by Irene Moray for the "Other Delights" series. The programmes for schoolchildren will include the films MOONJUMP by Lasse Holdhus, L'INVERNO by Gurli Bachmann, UZI by Dina Velikovskaya, CAT LAKE PARADISE by Antje Heyn, THE BEAUTY by Pascal Schelbli, EINE STÜRMISCHE NACHT by Gil Alkabetz and PUMPERS PARADISE by Eddy Hohf.

Once again this year, AG Kurzfilm will be taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the film market with a total of around 50 booths and an average of 4,000 accredited visitors to promote German short films. For example, there will once again be the market screening "Matinée Allemande - Coup de foudre - Le court métrage allemand", a selection of current German short films. Furthermore, AG Kurzfilm will present its new short film catalogue "German Short Films 2020" to the international short film industry, as well as the current screening DVDs "German Short Films" and "German Short Films - Children and Youth Edition".

The European Co-Production Forum Euro Connection is an important platform for presenting planned co-production projects. The two-day pitching and networking event aims to promote cooperation between European and international production companies. Every year 15 projects from all over Europe are invited to the pitching. This year German filmmaker Irina Rubina will have the opportunity to present her animation project OSJA in this context. The Book of Projects and Producers of Euro Connection with all selected projects can be downloaded here.

The leporello "German Short Films at the Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand 2020" offers an overview of all German short films in Clermont-Ferrand and the activities of AG Kurzfilm.

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