Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts

Since 1965 the "Film" department has been teaching forms of expression art.
Within the "Film" department, students will gain the knowledge and skills needed for film production. At the same time value is placed on the development of artistic work which explores free-form and experimental approaches to documentary and feature films and also to digital cinema. The aim of this area of study is to go beyond classic professions such as directing, screen-play writing or camera, so as to develop art and artists whose strength lies in independent creative innovation and not only in applying established or conventional knowledge and techniques.
Professors are Udo Engel, Pepe Danquart, Robert Bramkamp, Katharina Pethke, Angela Schanelec and Wim Wenders.
Since 2008, a BA and MA have replaced the diploma. Some graduates of HFBK - "Film" department are Fatih Akin, Lars Becker, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Hermine Huntgeburt, Ulrich Köhler, Wolfgang Lauenstein, Patrick Orth, Jan Peters, Zoltan Spirandelli, Henner Winkler und Yüksel Yavuz.