backup_festival Weimar

The backup_festival in Weimar searches for short films from students and graduates of art, media, and design colleges. It is a competition that encourages new approaches to the film medium. The festival aims to support young talent, in their accomplishment of new cinematic perspectives and their advancement implementing modern techniques in competition with traditional film schools.
Besides the opportunity to expand their work by offering it before an interested public, is also the chance to exchange their ideas with other film, design, and media artist, theorists, and producers. This is one of the great advantages of the backup_festival. Newcomers and those interested could reflect and deepen their skills by taking part in a combination of workshops and panel discussions with incumbents of the media industry. This is not intended to be a oneway-channel for the next generation. All participants will take with them suggestions and input for future work.
The backup_festival is for exceptional films, workshops, and discourse, for eccentric, philosophy, and film disco, an inspirational gathering of young international media scene.