Bauhaus University Weimar

Bauhaus University Weimar is not a traditional film school. It is more.

Between the two professorships Media Events (Media Art and Design) and Crossmedial Moving Image (Visual Communication), works are created from classic live-action film, commercials, experimental video, interactive formats, documentaries, animation and games. This often results in exciting and innovative mixtures of different disciplines.

We support filmmakers and video artists with a view to the entire process of audiovisual storytelling. To this end, students are trained in creative storytelling as well as provided with technical know-how in workshops and using relevant software. Studios and equipment are made available but guest lecturers from a wide variety of fields are also invited to provide constant fresh input. Experimental and creative approaches are encouraged, but the craft as a foundation is not forgotten.

Thus, Bauhaus Film offers a space where creative ideas find their language and interfaces are created between different profiles of students and teachers, resulting in multi-faceted, entertaining and surprising cinematic works.
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